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A place to be.

Big Heart Dance Camp welcomes you...

To experience embodying your full creative self in a safe, supportive and playful environment. Join us in growing our creative, conscious community as we blossom into our second decade! Keep browsing around to learn more, or if you know that being nourished by nature, good food and movement is what you need, click the 'Register here' button!

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Feel yourself sharing a meal of nourishing food and rich conversation.

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Express yourself and find new and juicy ways to move, create, play and be.

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Find yourself through moments of tranquility and self-reflection.

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Hear yourself singing around the campfire.

Big Heart lovin'

Nicole Miller, Trail BC

I’ve had wonderful experiences at Big Heart Dance Camp with my little peeps! My husband and I camped out with my 6 month old on our first visit and then I returned on my own and stayed in a cabin with my daughter, 5 years and son, 2 years. We live in BC and made the trek to visit family, friends and share in the amazing community at BH. 


I remember how much I enjoyed the dancing, the food (Thank you, Alta!), watching the kids in their various activities and savouring the time to myself to explore and take in the amazing workshops. It was comforting to know my kiddos were safe and having a blast in the good hands of the children’s program. So happy that the BH community continues spreading the love. We look forward to experiencing it again! 


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